Association Terra is established in 1998. in order to provide support to the war refugees. We gradually refocused our work on drug abuse problems and in 2000., as an answer to the growing epidemic of addiction and a threat of spreading HIV/AIDS among the addicts and on wider population, launched the program Reduction of the health and social effect of drug abuse. Our Mission is promoting the idea of humanity and philanthropy trough work with vulnerable and marginalized groups, with the goal of developing (to develop) a society in which every individual can achieve his or her rights and become a responsible and influential participant of the society. Our vision is Society without stigma, and our core values are humanity, tolerance, equality, solidarity, compassion, responsibility, openness, accessibility, truthfulness and professionalism. Our main activities are conducting counselling centre, drop in centre, educational and creative workshops, outreach work, advocating the rights of drug addicts, the homeless, and former prisoners, prevention of development of risky behaviour for children and youth.


The activities of the association are aimed at establishing a relationship of mutual trust and assistance to drug addicts and occasional drug users who are not adequately covered by the health and social measures of existing institutions and services, as well as to reduce the harm caused by the consumption of narcotic drugs. The aim of the Association is to prevent and combat addiction, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, especially for those at risk (addicts, prostitutes, men who have sex with men, etc.) and the marginalized groups (socially disadvantaged, Roma population, etc.) and facilitating the process of reintegration of addicts after treatment is completed, prevention of addiction in at-risk youth groups, and sensitizing and educating the public on drug abuse issues.

Terra also develops Counseling programs that offer non-institutional treatment for young people who show some of the risky behaviors and individualized treatment for psychological problems that will contribute to the mental health of children, young people and their families.

Through counseling, education and psycho-social support, Terra works to reduce social exclusion and promote the health of vulnerable and marginalized groups of society. Through its work, it contributes to the development of civil society and community in which each individual can achieve his or her rights and develop into a responsible and influential participant.

All the activities of the Association are carried out by a professional team of employees, and are supported by volunteers and external experts. The work of the organization is coordinated and supervised by the Assembly, the Governing Board and the Executive Board.


Promoting the idea of humanity and philanthropy through working with vulnerable and marginalized groups of people, with the aim of developing civil society and community where each individual can achieve his or her rights and develop into a responsible and influential participant in society.


Society without stigma.


Humanity – Tolerance – Equality – Solidarity – Compassion – Responsibility – Openness – Accessibility – Honesty – Professionalism


Ilinka Serdarević
MD, psychotherapist
Executive Director and Program Manager
Ivona Maričić Kukuljan
Sc. psychologist, prof., psychotherapist
Program Associate
Tea Čorak
Sc. psychologist, prof.
Program Associate
Nikola Serdarević
Bachelor of Psychology
Program Associate
Mauro Lacovich
Sc. psychologist, prof., psychotherapist
Program Associate
Ilijana Grgić
mage. psych.
Ariana Lučev
Head of Financial Affairs
Lana Glad
Head of General and Financial Affairs
Marko Mušković
Legal affairs manager and program associate
Danijela Kažović
Expert associate